new Okay art lovers and bargain hunters, after fifteen years of having nothing for sale, by popular demand and dire financial necessity, we now have prints of a few of our paintings for sale on EBAY.  To take a look, CLICK HERE.


    So, before we show you our internationally reclaimed oil painting, take a look below at two never before seen pre-studies, one etched and glazed on a faux marble tablet and the other frescoed permanently into a faux slab of ivory plaster.




DaVinci's "Geometry of Beauty" Restored









"This is Authentic Originaldo"




"The Mona Lisa Anew: In Divine Hands Now"


~ 36"x 24" Living Oil on Canvas ~




"May Infintite Beauty Be Our Benevolent Aim" "Mona Lisa Anew" framed w/ Living Oil Ribbon


    I did the above painting, working on and off, over a period of years (1994-98), with Sparky and Pip at my feet. I thought it was finished a couple years ago...with a small hour glass painted in Mona's hand. When Sparky left us early in the summer summer of 2000, Pip and I painted him in her divine hands. And that's Sparky's leash hanging on the frame. Now, my baby is free at last, and forever.



    And six years later, on November 25, 2006, Pip's time ran out. And a year later I painted Sparky out and then painted him back in a bit to the right to make room for his buddy and my baby Pip.

And Sparky and Pip do indeed both still live, not on the canvas as seen above, but in my heart and soul.





    There are a number of other placement images and comparisons of "Anew" on our highly touted Tour'ginaldo 2000. We invite you to take it and below are two small, very small, samples of what you'll experience.



Out of chaos, Make Harmony.









"Mona Lisa Comparison Chart."





















Our very first 1961"The Mona"-







Our most recent 2005 "Monolita"-







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Richard, Sparky, Pip