"Just Another Apprenticeship. Mugging, and Caretaker Dominion"

the Autobiography and Journal of Richard, Sparky, and Pip Krause


Semester One (1945-65)

"Pearl Harbor, Allstate MoPeds, Unrequited Love, and Washington University"


Semester Two (1965-72)

"The United States Marine Corps, Racing Trophies and St. Louis Shock Treatments"


Semester Three (1972-86)

"Missouri State Mental Hospital, Electrical Engineering, Video Production and Nullium"


Semester Four (1986-93)

"No Nullium, Crappy Health and an Unpublished Omnovel"


Semester Five (1993-99)

"Fine Art, False Hopes, Close Calls, and Back to St. Louis"


Lessons Continue (1999-2023) updated 4/29/23

"A New Millenium for Sparky and Pip;
a Broken, Plugged-Up and Agitated Heart for Me...and Some Satisfaction at Last, but Still Running on Empty."



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