"Banana Presley"

      8"x10" dark and light pencil on gray paper~

Above is a study we drew of Elvis and below is the full canvas view of the painting.



Full Framed View: "Definitive Elvis, the RocKing"

30"x 24" Oil on Canvas.




  "Banana Presley"
To move to the next snapshot, click on the barely visible TCB (Takin' Care of Business) pin on the RocKing's pocket in the big painting above, or if you can't find that, go ahead and click on his solid gold ring above or solid gold banana to the left.


     To move along you can also click on the "Tour Originaldo" button below, but you won't accumulate nearly as many PJP's (perceptual jackpot points) as you would have if you had followed the instructions above.

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