First, for you Graduate sports fans out there, here's our personal answer to Simon and Garpickle's timeless question, "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?" Anywho, at right is the drawing we did this summer of Marilyn's onetime better half. Her full canvas view is below.


"Joltin' Joe Jilted"

8"x10" white and black pencil on gray paper.




Full Framed View "Candle On A Windy Night"

36"x24" Oil on canvas.



    If you dare, click on Marilyn's carefully raised left eyebrow to move to your next scrapshot.



     To move along you can also click on the "Tour Originaldo" button below, but you won't accumulate nearly as many PJP's (perceptual jackpot points) as you would have if you had followed the instructions above.

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