Hey art mavens, it's David Daniels, the Clearview Kid here. Don't let my buholic appearance fool you; I'm quite the computer hacker and I've temporarily taken control of Cousin Reeko's website.  I have something I want to show you, a comparison chart of six versions of the Mona Lisa done over the past 500 years. Sadly, Cousin Krause is too uncolorful and lame to show it to you, so I gotta do it behind his achin' back.




 Mona Lisa (the original) Leonardo da Vinci, c. 1505-13.  Oil on wood.  30.25" x 20.875". Collection: The Louvre, Paris.  Mona Lisa (copy claimed to be the original), 16th Century, Oil.  Collection: Lord Brownlow of Grantham, Lincolnshire.


 Mona Lisa (copy claimed to be the original).  16th Century.  Oil.  33.25" x 25.875".  Collection: Pulitzer, London.  Mona Lisa (copy).  17th Century.  Oil on canvas.  31.5" x 22.875".  Collection: Alte Pinakotethek, Munich.


 Big Mona. Mike Gorman, 1974.  Acrylic on canvas, 72" x 48".  Collection: Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, London.   The Mona Lisa Anew. Richard S. Krause 1995-7. Oil on canvas, 36" x 24". Collection: The Clearview Room, St. Louis, pending acceptance of a world tour bid from Mr. Bill Gates.


And there's a couple more things I want to show you.  For one thing, there's a letter Cousin Krause wrote a few years ago to a sculptor friend of his that I just happened to intercept and copy before it went the way of oblivion like so much of Originaldo's other "cuttings-edge" stuff.  The letter explains my cousin's view of beauty and the derivation of his too-cute name-de-plum "originaldo."   But I'll get back with you later about the letter. I have to go feed my face a couple frozen dinners right now.  So I leave you with a mugshot comparison of Leonardo's Mona on your left and Originaldo's version on the right.




   I say it's a real humdinger of an effort on Reeko's part, especially since he'd only taken up the visual arts a few years before he painted it.  My microwave just sounded off that my Banquets are ready so I reluctantly return control of the website to my vigilant cousin back in Missouri.  But, as my Uncle Doug once said as he departed the Phillipines, "I shall return, hombres."


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