stuff on this page (as of 5/01/00)

    In Progress:  Here's a drawing of Lone Eagle Charles Lindbergh that we're just finishing up.

      We did it from a photo taken right after his 1927 St. Louis-New York-Paris flight.  At left is a scrapshot of how it might have looked if we'd been there to give the drawing to him when he landed at Flanders Field.
Click on either of his determined eyes in the drawing above to go back home the right way (after you look at the three drawings below).  You can click on the button below, but you won't accumulate nearly as many perceptual jackpot points.



    Above right is an early scan of Geo W. Bush as "America's Favorite Son."  The drawing is still very much in progress, while the rugged rendering of "Bronxian Bad Boy" Al Pino, on the left, is almost finished.

     Above, to the left, is Katie Winslet, and to the right is is one we're just getting started on (as of 4/17/00).  Guess who it is and you get a free signed and numbered print of any piece in our portfolio. (hint: Her loving face resembles anything but "a Bull's buttocks.")