Below is some of our most recent stuff as of 2011.



Barack Obama and Martin Luther King

"Dreams Do Come True"



Marlon Brando's "Planet Brando"



Steve McQueen "Racing with Time"



Marlon Brando "Brando's Body Shop"


Paul McCartney "Clean It Up Now"
Not just for yourselves or your children but for every human and non-human animal on It.


Andy "Moon River" Williams


Jennifer O'Neill  Portrait


Daniel Craig  Portrait


Jimmy Carter  Portrait


Barack Obama  Portrait



John Kennedy "Football Days"



Bobby Kennedy "I dream of things that never were...and ask why not"



Susan Boyle "I dreamed a dream..."



Cary Grant "In The Fast Lane"




Ingrid Bergman Portrait "Hollywood Expatriat"



Rick Nelson "Travelin' Man"



Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney "Hollywood Gold"



Elvis and Marilyn "Down at the End of Lonely Street"




Richard, Sparky, Pip  "We've done the best we can."