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Richard Krause on Travis Bikemotor in 1957

Here I am at age 12 on my bicycle with a Travis Bikemotor in 1957.


Here I am at age 17 in 1962 in the living quarters behind my Grandparent's store wearing my very own Beach Boy shirt (colorized)..


Here I am at age 17 with my Grandma Krause in 1962.



Here I am, a Marine, at age 21 with my Mother in 1967.



Here I am at age 23 in a portrait my Father took in 1968.


Here I am on my Suzuki X-6 Hustler a year before I broke the National Hotrod Association record aboard a Kawasaki Mach III.



Here I am at age 30 with my Saab Sonnett III in 1975.



Here I am in 1982 at age 37 with the 1964 SS409 Chevy that I restored and customized.


Here I am with the Director Marketing for Harley Davidson in front of the White House in 1985.


Here I am in Clearview City, KS about 1993 when I first started to paint.



Here I am in front of the first draft of my "Mona Lisa Anew painting" in about 1995.


Here I am with Sparky and Pip in front of my Bush paintings in about 1996.


Here is my Lincoln painting on display at Ladue High School in 1999.


Above is the frotpage of the Greenville Newspaper the day after they unveiled my Audy Murphy paintings in 2001.


At left is how I looked in High School and at right is how I appeared in 2004.



And here's how I looked on June 16, 2005 shortly after
I discovered it would cost $3000 to rebuild the engine in my car.


And here I am in my living room making a video for my art work on 11/24/05