Below are thumbnails of the creatively acclaimed scrapshots that Sparky, Pip, and I put together for our virtual tour, Tour'ginaldo 2004, which unfortunately only 11.4% of our visitors have the patience to take. So you can click on any scrapshot below and go directly to its full page view, or you can return to our home page and enter the giant door for the full tour~ which includes both portfolio and full-page framed views of the showcased paintings.



 The Audie Murphy Lake

  The Elvis Presley Parking Lot

  The Martin Luther King Entrance

  The Mona Lisa Anew Atrium



  The Marilyn Monroe Veranda

  The Abraham Lincoln Study Center

 The Earth Angelarium

  The Moses Mountain View



 The Einsteinian Time Drop

  The Richard Krause Gas Station

  Exit to Poe Street

  The Audie Murphy Veranda



  The Room of Olives

  The Liberty Learning Course


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