Below is a visionshot (placement scrapshot) we took right after David parked our crimson chariot.  We were just in time to see the RocKing's portrait hoisted up onto the pillars as our theatric cousin, David Daniels, hams it up in the foreground.  


    You may also notice Audie rollerblading into the foreground to see what sort of nonsense our cousin is up to as Elvis croons away, "out on the parking lot if not still in the building."  At any rate, Click on the framed painting up on the pillars,"Definitive Elvis," to see its portfolio view.



     To move along you can also click on the "Tour Originaldo" button below, but you won't accumulate nearly as many PJP's (perceptual jackpot points) as you would have if you had followed the instructions above.

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