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"Hotel Originaldo: Dream daVinci"


"Dedicated to Artful Truth and Free To All"

illustrations by Richard Krause

Below are a number of our self-acclaimed RKstrations.


statue of liberty with goodness


"With Goodness We Grow"



Marilyn Monroe on Faux Marble




"Paradise Believed and Created"



bob dylan rolling stone

"Bob Dylan Rolls On"


Humphrey Bogart of "To Have and Have Not"



Sylvester Stallone's Rocky is "The Balboa"


Hilary "Million Dollar Baby" Swank


Princess Diana - Candle In The Wind



"Hey, Adrian, I gotta do it just one more time!"



Marlon Brando, Ageless Tough Guy



"James Bond here."


"Thank you, thank you very much."


David Janssen was Dr. Richard Kimble, wrongfully convicted of the murder of his wife in the 1960's and destined to live as The Fugitive forever.


Kim Novak on polished faux American Marble



Bish and Kerry Getting Close

"George Bush and John Kerry: Getting Close"



george bush

"Let Freedom Reign," a fitting tribute to President George W. Bush and his pursuit of Global Freedom.





Proposed Ronald Reagan Oval Office

    I believe we would all agree that the so-called "Cold War," the threat, if not downright inevitability of total nuclear extermination of not only the human experience but of the liveable Earth itself was the greatest threat to ever exist on our planet. As such, I believe no honor is too great to afford the man who single-handedly most helped end that horrid threat.


Color study for a 30"x 40" oil painting of President Ronald Reagan entitled, "Purple Mountains Majesty"

To see, step by step, how I'm doing a traditional oil painting on canvas based on the above mixed medium/digital illustration, click here.



"Sunrise," a timely tribute to President George H. W. Bush who, lest we ever forget, helped facilitate the end of the near-cataclysmic Cold War.



"Earth Ascending"



"Jesus Closeup"


"Mother Mary of Nazareth"


"The Jesus Stone"




"Earth Angel"





"Cry a Little Tear if You Can"





"Like a Candle in the Wind"





"A Trophy for the Dean"




"James Dean in Paris"




"James Dean, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe:

Together One More Time"





"Above the Memorial"





"Moses of Color"



"Jesus of Color"



"Wouldn't It Be Nice"


Alpha Omega Medallions

{issued in 1995 in naive anticipation of a new millenium of peace}



The Chai Lamb Medallion

(combining the Hebrew letter for life Chai of Judiasm with the sacrificed Lamb of Christianity, again naively)




"Liberty Fat"




"His Spirit Lives"




"Elvis: Still King of the Road!"





"The King at his Palace in the Night"





"The Alpha and the Omega"





"Good Lady Down: The New Statue of Liberty"





"On the Way Back to Waldens Pond"





"M.T. Life Sports Bar"




"Liberty Endures"





"From the Ashes"




"Down from the Mountain"




"Above the Mount of Olives"




"Down at the End of Lonely Street"




"DaVinci: Geometry of Beauty"




"In Divine Hands Now"


"Beethoven: Unfinished Symphony Opus 2006"



"My Parents at Pearl Harbor: End of the Innocence"

I wrote this to a friend who saw this picture and asked me about it: "My grandfather's names was Sam and he was born in the 1890's on July 4, so he was always very patriotic.  His son (my father) was Norman and he just happened to be born the year that America entered WWI.  His mother's name was Faye (my grandmother) and my father started dating my mother (whose maiden name was Fay Gorman) in 1939, (I think the year WWII officially began in Europe).  Anyway my father was an electrician and in 1940 he left St. Louis, Missouri to take a well-paying civilian job working as an electrician for the Navy at Pearl Harbor.  In September of 1941 (a couple of weeks after she turned 18) my mother joined my father in Hawaii and they were married the day she arrived.  By the way, my mother's mother's name was Pearl Gorman. Three months later on December 6th my father was working on the Battleship Arizona, the second shift installing radar that had just arrived a couple days before.  He told me about ten years ago that Saturday night when he walked off the Arizona, he remembers looking back and seeing sailors sitting on the giant guns watching a movie being shown, and he thought to himself, "What a waste of money these giant guns and ships...who would ever be so stupid to attack the United States." Anyway, the next morning the Japanese attacked.  My parents were asleep in civilian housing a couple miles from the harbor and when they heard the gunfire they first just thought it was the usual Sunday morning practice over at Hickam field.  When they realized it was real and what was going on, my father headed down to the harbor and my mother went to a friends apartment.  My mother says that after they finished in the harbor, some of the planes started strafing the streets, and that once, one was so low and close she actually saw the pilot's face...or so she says. My father only told me two things about helping after the attack.  He said that while he and some others were laying the dead sailors bodies gently and carefully in the back of a truck, an officer yelled over to them, "Hey, just toss them in.  They can't feel anything anymore."  My father also told me that the worse sight he ever saw in his life, much worse than all the dead and mangled bodies, was a week after they attack, they were still searching for survivors. They cut the hull of a ship open and a group of soldiers who had been trapped inside were removed.  They were still alive and conscious but they were totally out of their mind.  My father didn't go into any details. At any rate, on July 4, 1942, the first fourth of July of the war my older sister Diane was born (on my Grandfathers birthday), so they gave her the middle name Victory.  My father worked in a civilian defense plant during most of the war but finally went into the Navy in late '44.  He was on his way across the Pacific to get ready for the invasion of Japan when the atomic bombs were dropped and the war ended.  I was born on Aug 16, 2 days after VJ Day, but the actual day, I recently discovered, that the Japanese soldiers were actually ordered to lay down their arms.  One other coincidence, some people consider Sept 2 VJ day when the Japanese signed the peace treaty aboard the Battleship Missouri.  That day was my mothers 22nd birthday...she wasn't 2 days late like I was."



"...and when we get to Heaven's scene, we'll find the gates are guarded by United States Marines..."



"Deerhunters: Fair Game on a Level Playing Field"




"Vincent Van Gogh: Unfinished Self Portrait"









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